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6 Makeup Tips for Every Age

makeup tips in your thurties

"Makeup is an art, not a science. Every face, every makeup routine, is a form of individual expression."

While this can be a beautiful thing, it does sometimes make it difficult for a woman to learn what she needs to know about applying makeup. This is especially true for women age 30 and over, because makeup needs change with age. Read on to learn how to apply your makeup like a professional and what special steps you should take at different ages in your life.

makeup tips your skinMakeup Tip 1: Your Skin (All ages)

Your skin is the foundation that your makeup sits on. Clean it before applying your makeup, and use a moisturizer after washing. Make sure that your face is thoroughly dry before you begin, or you will wind up with blotchy, uneven makeup. Once you have let it dry then you can apply foundation and concealer. You should also take good care of your makeup brushes. Wash them once every week, without fail. This will not only prevent color mixing that can throw off your whole look, it will also prevent acne-causing bacteria from building up in them.

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Makeup Tip 2: Contouring (All Ages)

There are many different ways to apply makeup, but if you really want to make your features stand out to their best effect, then you need to learn contouring, which enhances your natural beauty. You will need contouring powder that is about two shades darker than your foundation is. You will also need highlighting powder that is a shade lighter than your skin.

makeup tips products needed

  • First, use a full-sized brush to apply contouring powder on the underside of your jaw
  • Apply more to your cheeks, and then put highlighting powder just above the cheekbone for greater definition
  • Using a small brush, apply contouring powder to both sides of your nose. Then apply highlighting powder down the front of your nose.
  • Add a little contouring powder right around your eyes and highlighting powder right under your brows
  • Once you have finished these steps, use a clean large brush to blend everything until you achieve a natural look.

makeup tips outline lipsIf you put your lipstick directly onto your lips without preparation then even the expensive brands will smudge by the end of the day. To prevent this, outline your lips first with liquid foundation. Cover the foundation with lip liner that is color-matched to your lipstick. Then you can apply your lipstick

Makeup Tip 3: In Your Teens

makeup tips in your teensThe first mistake that every teenaged girl makes when they start wearing makeup is using too much of it. Makeup is supposed to enhance your features, not replace them. To help yourself keep it simple, set a strict five minute time limit. If you can't apply your makeup in five minutes then you are probably using too much of it. If you haven't figured out a look for yourself yet, stick to using just foundation, mascara, blush, and lipstick or lip gloss.

Makeup Tip 4: In Your Thirties

makeup tips in  your thurties

If you are in your thirties, then chances are that your skin has started to show signs of sun damage such as fine lines and dark spots. Even if these signs are small, using anti-aging products on them now will help keep them from becoming more noticeable in your forties. You should also use eye cream on a daily basis for the same reason. Use an illuminating foundation to replace some of the natural glow that your skin may have lost, but don't go overboard with it. Keep the blush light, and use neutral colors.

Makeup Tip 5: In Your Forties

makeup tips for your fortiesIn your forties you should use a creamy cleanser in the morning and at night and follow it with moisturizer. Use concealer to hide blotchiness and other forms of skin damage. Use a tinted gloss to give your lips a more youthful look. Brown, silver, gray, or purple eye shadows are best, and blush should be lightly applied. If your eyebrows are looking thin then avoid filling them in with heavy eyebrow pencils. That would produce a very unnatural look. Instead, use eyebrow powder.


makeup tips for your fifties

Makeup Tip 6: In Your Fifties

Use a lighter foundation to keep it from caking up in your lines and wrinkles, making them more visible. Your concealer should also be lighter. In fact, all of your makeup should be minimal. Light eye shadow colors such as pink and lilac are usually best. Avoid using darker colors that might draw attention to fine lines.


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