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Bridal Make Up – The Key to Looking Stunning on Your Wedding Day

bridal makeup be yourself

Every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day, and bridal make up is an important part of this. Even if you don’t wear make up regularly, subtle use of natural and complimentary tones will ensure you look stunning on your wedding day. Hiring a professional make up artist can be a very good use of some of your wedding budget, but it’s possible to do your own bridal make up or call on a friend to help. The following tips will help you to create a stunning look for your wedding day.

bridal make up preparation1)    The Preparation.

Having great look skin is the foundation of beauty for every bride. If you don’t already have one, start a basic skin care routine a couple of months before your wedding day. Skin can get used to the same skin care products if you use them for a long time, so try something different to prime your face for your wedding day make up. If you don't have time or your wedding day is approaching fast, an Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion facial, can do wonders for your face in a matter of minutes.

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2)    Color Harmony.

Wedding usually have a color theme which includes the flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses and features of the groom’s outfit. It’s important to select make up colors which work in harmony with other colors which will feature on the day. Lip, nail and cheek colors should be chosen carefully so that they blend naturally with your flowers and accessories. Wedding preparation and planning is all about attention to detail, and this is certainly the case when it comes to co-ordinating colors for the day. Take account of the dominant colors in the wedding and reception venues, and make sure there are no strong clashes with your flowers and make up.

wedding make up photography3)    Think Photographs.

It’s important to remember how your bridal make up may look in photographs taken on the day. The camera will capture every tiny detail, and colors can look different in photographs than how they appear to the naked eye. Use concealer to cover any imperfections in your skin, and ensure foundation is blended well around your hair and jawline. If make up is too subtle a bride can look pale and washed out in photographs, so think about using slightly stronger tones than you would normally. Neutral brown colors work well for most brides, and the tones look very effective in black and white pictures as well as color.

4)    Choose the Right Make Up.

bridal make up waterproof makeupA wedding can be a real test for make up, and it’s important to choose quality products which will look great throughout the day. Most brides shed a few tears on their wedding day, so choose a waterproof mascara which won’t run. Weddings also involve a lot of kissing, so you’ll need lipstick and lip liner which will stay fresh and vibrant. Have a couple of practice sessions before the actual wedding day to make sure the items of make up you choose work together . Think about carrying lipstick and a few essential items with you so that you can make touch ups during the day.

5)    Look Yourself.

Although every bride wants the wow factor it’s important that you still look yourself. If you are hiring a make up artist, let them know what colors and styles of make up you normally wear. If you usually wear neutral colors and subtle tones, consider carefully how bolder more daring make up will look. If you want to experiment with new products or change something like your facial powder, have a trial run before the day and make sure you are really comfortable with a different look.

bridal makeup be yourself

Image courtesy of Heather Roth photography

Bridal make up is as important as your choice of wedding dress and hairstyle, so give it plenty of thought and consideration. If you live in the St Louis area, I would love to work with you on your special day! Contact me at mimi.nikolova@beberoka.com


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