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Bridal Makeup: 5 Must-Have Products Your Makeup Artist Should Use

Every woman wants to look and feel stunning on her big day, which is why many choose to seek help from professional makeup artists. Whether you already know the look that you want or are still undecided, you can ensure that your makeup is flawless and long-lasting by asking your makeup artist to use these five products that will ensure perfect-looking bridal makeup.

Matte Primer

All professional makeup artists use primers such as foundation primer, eyeshadow primer, and mascara primer because they keep makeup in place and provide a smooth surface for flawless makeup application. However, not all makeup artists use matte primer, which does not cause white-out in flash photography. A matte primer is free of shimmer, making it ideal for all types of lighting.

False Lashes

False eyelashes make a huge difference, especially in photography. However, if you have never worn false eyelashes before, you should request a trial application prior to your wedding. This will ensure that your eyes will not water or become irritated by the eyelashes on your big day. If you do not want a dramatic look, consider asking for single eyelash application, which is a more natural-looking alternative to full sets of false eyelashes.

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must-have for all brides. However, not all makeup artists use it because it does not always provide as much definition and volume as standard mascara. This problem can be solved with a clear waterproof sealant that is applied over mascara.

Lip Stain

Lip stain provides long-lasting color without smearing or smudging. Lip stains are available in a full-range of colors, just like lipstick. A high-quality lip stain will not transfer or feather once completely dry. It is an ideal product for bridal beauty because it does not require frequent touch-ups. For a glossy finish, simply ask your makeup artist to go over the lip stain with a clear gloss.

Finishing Spray

Finishing spray seals your final look in place and can prevent settling, streaking, running, and other makeup mishaps. It also helps your makeup last longer and keeps it looking fresh. Ask your makeup artist to provide a spritz of finishing spray over your completed look.

Consider speaking with your makeup artist about these five product recommendations and suggestions. They can help your final bridal look stay put, so you can focus on enjoying your big day.


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