Mimi Nikolova Professional makeup artist Buffalo NY

With bronzer ,without mistake

Bronzing products are number 1 in the summer, along with moisturizing lip balm and tinting moisturazer with high SPF.

It can make the face look more radiant and smooth - as if you just come back from the beach.

Moreover, only a few dabs on the brush will shape facial contours, and  accent  a "sun-kissed look!

There are no secrets or some special trick on how to apply Bronzer, it is only to follow the shape of the face to emphasize the curves and hide small imperfections.

1.Use a large fluffy powder brush, which will help to spread evenly the  bronzing product such as powder or cream, so that  bronzing tan can look more natural as possible.

2. Contour cheekbones of the earlobe to the outer corner of your lips with light and smooth movements. Taking less  product on the brush is better to achieve the desired shape. You can always add more color further.

3.To elongate your face and make it look tinner use the bronzer starting from the  forehead at the hairline to the temples to the jaw with downward movements and repeat to the other side too. Swipe down the brush towards  the nose and chin  .

4.  If you choose a powder bronzer use a natural matte powder finish. If you still want something more sparkling, you can use some highlithing powder  on top of the cheeks and just below the brow line.

5. Do not forget your neck. Make sure there are no sharp boundary between the color of the face and neck.

6. The color of the bronzer must be one or two tons darker than normal powder that you use for your face.

Try it and have fun 🙂


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