Mimi Nikolova Professional makeup artist Buffalo NY

Classic Cat Eye !!!

I thought you might like to compliment and dress your eyes in total  iconic sophistication and glamour for this season :

Classic Cat -Eye .
Here are some eyeliners that I love and some basic steps how it's done :

Dior 'DiorLiner' Eyeliner $34 
Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil $22
Boots No7 Liquid Eye Liner, Black $8.99
CliniqueBrush-On Cream Liner $ 15

Cat eye is all about the eyeliner application and there are many variations for cat makeup. Definitely it takes time and practice to master and especially if you want to use a liquid eye liner. Your Cat eyes make up can range from sharp, thin and pointed, to fat, and smudgy. Taking this into account, there are a number of cat eye make up techniques also.

Classic Cat Eye Make up Look Steps:

Classic Cat Eye

-you will need to use a sharp eyeliner pencil
-begin by dotting along the root of the eyelashes starting at the inner eye and working your way out.
-you should follow the natural curve of the eye. Stop where your pupil ends and begin to subtly slant your eyeliner line upwards. You can carry this line as far as you like.Quarter of an inch is the most common.

This method to cat eye makeup will give you a thin eyeliner line. If you would prefer a fatter line all you have to do is retrace your steps.
Once you have acquired confidence you can try using a liquid eyeliner and brush to create this cat eye look.

If you are looking to create a more translucent finish to your cat eye makeup you should use a shadow liner and brush. You will need to press the shadow as you move it along your eyelash line. You will move your eyeliner brush in the same slanting upwards motion as you did with the eyeliner pencil.

Ok, Divas take those eyeliners out and show me some drama!



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