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Dior Anti -Anging "Golden skincare" L'OR De VIE

There are some things money can't buy, but Dior Beauty is bringing us one step closer to removing a youthful, wrinkle-free visage from that list with its  L'Or de Vie (Gold of Life) anti-aging skincare system.
Dior’s “Golden Skincare” line (L’Or de Vie translates to gold of life) With L’Or de Vie, Dior has taken anti-aging skin care to royal standards. The line is a partnership with Château d’Yquem (creators of the most mythical wine in the world) to create a wine-inspired line of pure luxury.Launched in December 2006, L'Or de Vie is derived from the vines of the venerable Château d'Yquem.

Château d'Yquem's Premier Cru Supérieur dessert wines are wold-renowned for their exceptional longevity; in 2006 a135-year "vertical" (containing every vintage from 1860 to 2003) was sold at auction in London for $1.5 million.Dior has extracted a unique composition of 10 antioxidant and regenerating molecules contained in the sap of the shoots of the Yquem vines. The L'Or de Vie collection comprises three separate items: L'Extrait, La Crème and La Crème Yeux (Extract, Cream and Eye Cream).

Dubbed “a skin care miracle”, the secret behind this wonder skin care line resides in Dior’s well-guarded formula. L’Or de Vie is the result of the extraction and transformation of vital ingredients found in certain types of vines that have the power to regenerate and improve year after year. Dior has captured these regenerative properties and has packaged them into skin care technology.

L’Or de Vie rejuvenates, re-stimulates, re-hydrates the skin and protects skin against external free-radicals. You’ll feel the difference from the first application of the skin care duo.

L’Or de Vie can be part of your regime as early as in your 30s as a prevention and rejuvenation treatment. More mature skin types will see the benefits of L’Or de Vie for its ability to re-stimulate the cells.
The L’Or de Vie Yeux eye-cream brings together the best of Dior developments and the most valued product of the Yqem wine region. The renowned Sauvignon wine is especially rich in polyphenon, a plant-based ingredient which protects against pollutants and effectively fights free radicals. These ingredients integrate to form a silky texture for a cream that smoothes fine lines, reduces swelling, and lightens dark rings.Unlike many other eye cream formulations, L'Or De Vie has managed to come up with a richly moisturizing formula that isn't oily or sticky. Undereye circles, puffiness and dryness are noticeably reduced within the first week of use.

L’Extrait is a pure antioxidant concentrate that acts like a veil on the skin, providing it with radiance, suppleness and elasticity.The Extract is the lightest formulation in the collection. The sheer, lightweight gel moisturizer is perfect for day wear under makeup. A small amount goes a very long way; one or two pumps of the dispenser (smaller than a dime in the palm) is generally sufficient to cover both the face and the neck. Never forget the importance of applying anti-aging products to the neck and décolletage! Too few women realize that these areas generally receive as much sun exposure as the face and can exhibit similar signs of aging. Nothing worse than a serenely smooth brow with a crepey, wrinkly neck! The scent is quite subtle, and skin immediately feels softer and takes on a "plumper," healthier radiance. If you can only afford one product in the L'Or de Vie collection, L'Extrait is worth every penny. One bottle lasts approximately 3 months.

La Crème is an intensive formula that combines the antioxidant power of L’Or de Vie with Dior’s age-defying know-how. Although La Crème is very intensive, it can also be used by combination skin types.

One of  the many celebrities that uses and are addicted to L'OR De ViE  is Charlize Theron and me too. Let me tell you a secret:  You don't need to be one to get addicted to this golden line 🙂 The moment you start using the L'OR De ViE system you see immidiate results and it's "the most powerful antioxidant treatment available without a prescription" (things that make you go hmm, ....). Give it a try , believe is worth every pennie!!! I will be honest there is nothing like it on the market. Thank's to you Dior a have so many compliments about my skin.

Last year Dior lunched the Refill option this will help you save some money( you  have a choice to buy the cupsule without the glass container) 🙂

Welcome to the world of Dior and beautiful skin!!!!!!!

You can find it at Saks 5th Avenue stores.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays from me 🙂

L'OR De ViE: Eye Cream $ 195/0.5 oz; Refill $165/0.5 oz

Extraict $ 370/ 0.5 oz; Refill  $315/0.5 oz

Cream $ 350/1.7 oz; Refill $295/1.7 oz


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