Makeup Trends, Fall 2010

Autumn is still far, but we are prepared for new trends in makeup

Everything in our list is consistent with the little time we got in the morning for make up. Colors are romantic and soft, nature inspired by autumn to highlight our natural beauty.

First is the combination of autumn brown and honey of the eyelids and very pale blue on the bottom line of the eyelashes, blush is nude and a little lip gloss.
So this will keep part of the summer heat on your face, and will link the  color denim, which is very trendy this year.

Secondly, use dull, dark brown and bright gold in the inner corner of eye, with baby pink blush on the cheeks and equally soft pink lip balm or just a moisturizing effect.
Golden glare "warm" look that is very feminine, the pink lipstick brings freshness and charm.

Thirdly, one typical of autumn color - olive green and brown eyeliner. In addition, you need only a little blush in a warm and soft orange and peach lipstick. You can use any shade of green - with fine gold particles and with dark shades close to black.

Fourth is thick and slightly thicker than normal eyeliner, but not black, dark blue, graphite gray, ash or smoke purple roses. Cheeks and lips are warm brown color.
Black eyeliner is still the favorite for makeup type "cat's eye, but the above variations are also quite nice for experimentation in appearance.

Fifth note, coral lips, cheeks sprinkled with powdered tanning and eye make-up with only one layer of black mascara to emphasize the eyelashes.

One of the rules in makeup states that the emphasis in the make-up must be the lips, the cheeks or the eyes. Coral color is the ideal alternative to the bright red lipstick.




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