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Makeup Trends Spring-Summer 2014

makeup trends spring summer 2014

When considering makeup trends for the upcoming spring and summer 2014 seasons, you'll find some versatile styles that are each captivating in their way.  There are some polarizing makeup trends to be aware of and definitely some style opposites.  That said the seasonal trends are also well defined in their singular ways and high-impact.

makeup trends spring summer 2014

Some of the most attention-getting looks are likely to be some of the more surprising trends like the raw (minimal makeup) look and the infusion of lilac and purple shades.  Lip color is also going to make a summery splash so expect bright and bold colors that are likely to complement seasonal fashions.  You'll be able to see and read about these dramatic new looks during and after NY Fashion Week when the fashion world can celebrate some exciting new styles.

raw makeup free lookThe Raw Look

One makeup trend can well be called the antithesis of makeup.  Many women will be sporting a makeup-free look during the spring and summer seasons.  This trend shines its spotlight on natural beauty.  Any makeup applied for this look should complement the raw beauty of the face with only, perhaps, a slight gloss for the lips or natural blush for the cheeks.  Underscoring this look, however, is a focus on beautiful skin.  Instead of products that cover up the natural luster or glow of the skin, choose skincare products that enhance its health, moisture balance, and texture.  If you feel, well, naked without your lipstick, choose nude shades that enhance the natural beauty of your lips.

vintage makeup lookMid-Century Vintage

Completely departing from the natural look, the pin-up girl trend is also shaping up to be a popular look for the 2014 spring and summer seasons.  Sultry eyes, defined lashes, and bright, clearly defined lips are hallmark traits of this look.  Bold lip color will be in--reds and oranges.  Choose bright shades that will be a dramatic contrast to the black eye-makeup (liner and lash) that is expected to make a strong come-back.

tangerine makeup lookTangerine

Shades of orange for the lips promise to be one of the most popular spring / summer trends of the new year.  Expect to see bright orange lips paired with minimal makeup for a look that leaps into view.  Orange can be especially complementary to tanned and bronzed skin of summer.  Expect to see bursts of orange shades at your favorite makeup counters in the coming months.

Mermaid makeup LookThe Mermaid Look

If bright orange lipstick will adorn lips this coming spring and summer, some designers felt that why not promote the aquatic look for the rest of the face?  Lagoon shades for the eyes--especially blues--will help create this mermaid vision along with transparent shades for the face.  The other-worldly aqua shades should enhance the shape of the eye, but provide that over-the-top drama that any mermaid worth her salt would boast.

red and gold makeupRed and Gold

Expect to see golden hues paired with red for spring and summer.  The golden hues of summer skin will provide a great backdrop for the bright shades or red for the lips.  Look for bronzers that give you dazzling sun-kissed shades without the harmful UV exposure.  This is a great look no matter what your skin or hair type.

Black Eyeliner Makeup

Black is Back

Harsh black liner around the eyes is an edgy look that is going to come into prominence this spring.  Highlight the shape of your eye with rich black liner.  Consider this look for evenings out on the town.  Pair this dark definition with bright or silvery shades of blue shadow for a smoky and sultry makeup job. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id="U8XaCznnJEk&rel=0" width="640" height="480" anchor="Click Here for Great Video Tutorial on Dramatic Black Look"]

tropical bombshell makeupTropical Bombshell

In keeping with the pin-up girl theme, this tropical look also incorporated bronze and golden hues, bright orange or red lips, and vivid eyes.  Think Rio de Janeiro and you have an idea of this summer's bright beach look.

lilac garden makeup

Lilac Garden

Shades of lilac and soft purples are definitely in for the spring and summer 2014 season.  Expect lilac eye shadow and liner to be all the rage.  Botanical hues will be favored as designers get their inspiration from lavender, orchid, and plum-colored plumage.

These looks were prominently featured during NY Fashion Week, and you should expect to see them this 2014 spring and fall season.  There are plenty of great makeup trends to consider so if you aren't in to purple or don't feel like bringing your mermaid face to work, there are many other hot looks to consider for the upcoming season.


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