Mimi Nikolova Professional makeup artist Buffalo NY

It’s summer Let’s have some fun!!!!

Why not let our skin to be glowing and sun kissed. We can still fake it with good bronzer depends on your skin color; the right texture is always best. If you are very fair choose a loose powder bronzer and for the rest of us cream bronzer blends nice into the skin and looks more natural. Now if you have an oily skin you can definitely use pressed powder bronzer with less shimmer in it.

Take out those glitter, fun and bright shadow pallets and those cute lip color glosses. If you don’t have one than get busy and find one. They’re so many to choose from. The decision is yours .Top off  the lashes with some different color mascara. But if you  must use black or brown you  can zest it up with some glitter gel on top.  And don’t try to look that perfect it should be fast easy and fun. That’s the idea.

Try it. Have fun even for a day.

P.S. And please don’t forget to moisturize you skin. Ideally with SPF30 or at least  tinted moisturazer with SPF.

Start  with a primer too. For Normal to Oily skin choose the primer with no shimmer .Than of course for Normal to Dry use the opposite.

And there  you have it: Your Glowing Summer Look 🙂


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