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Update Your Color Palette: Top 2014 Beauty Color Trends to Make Your Own

2014 color of the year radiant orchid

With a New Year come new beauty trends to keep up with. However, not all trends deserve a spot in your makeup bag. Take the guesswork out of selecting new shades for your look with these four must-have colors, and a few helpful pointers on how to wear them.

2014 color of the year radiant orchidRadiant Orchid

Color authority, Pantone, has announced its Color of the Year for 2014. Radiant Orchid is a warm and mesmerizing shade of purple and is trending in beauty, fashion, and even home décor. It is a huge hit this year that you won't want to miss out on. Best of all, it works with virtually all skin tones; from fair to deep, you can confidently wear it in a variety of different ways. Try substituting red lipstick for a cheery fuchsia toned color to spruce up your look. You can also revive your smokey eye with a pop of purple, which can make hazel and brown eye colors appear brighter.

2014 color of the year soft lilacSoft Lilac

If Radiant Orchid is a little bit to bold for your tastes, you may prefer soft lilac. This pretty pastel shade has taken over countless runway shows and is popping up on beauty aisles and counters all over the world. It works best on fair and medium skin tones, and flatters cool and neutral undertones. Warm skin tones should opt for a warmer shade of lilac that won't make their skin appear dull. Dress up your look by swapping nude and pink lip gloss for lilac.

2014 color of the year vibrant blue

Vibrant Blue

Blue is back on trend, but not just any blue. Think rich, deep, and majestic shades of blue, such as ocean blue, navy, and cobalt. The best part about vibrant blue being on trend is that it flatters all skin tones, but can be overbearing. To avoid looking overdone, try adding a hint of blue with liquid or pencil eyeliner. To make a bold statement, create a modern smokey eye with blue eyeshadow.

2014 color of the year powerful orangePowerful Orange

Orange has been in style since 2012, and continues to be a top beauty trend in 2014. Instead of muted and soft corals, think bright, electric, and powerful shades of orange this year. Warm skin tones such as olive, tan, and yellow can pull off orange lipstick better than cool skin tones, however, cool skin tones can opt for a softer shade of orange. When wearing orange lipstick, it is important to keep the rest of your makeup low key.

Update your color palette this year with trendy colors that are guaranteed to revive your look. Not all skin tones can wear the same colors though, so be sure to pick the right shades that flatter your skin.




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